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I've realised that I have very few people that I would really want to meet!  And most of them I've met on myspace!  The first being someone that I've know for awhile now, and that is: Lilin!  She's one person that I can talk to anything about, and I'm very happy of that.  This next person I've also known for awhile, the most sweetest person on this Earth: Daniela.  She has always made me happy, and I wish all the best for her and her new family!  Well, what can I say about this next person.. she's funny, cute, and super sweet!  Many of you know her as Chris-tina, but my lovely is: Kristina!  She's such an angel, and I don't know what I would do without her!  This woman helped me out on this page, and I can't think her enough for her amazing help, which was the German translations.  And this great person is: Kalika!  Hmmm….  This next girl, she's funny, crazy, random, and just completely great!  We both are always in stupid moods and sometimes find it difficult to understand each other, this person is the funny: Christin!  Ah so, most of these amazing people have been females, but some males have also been an amazing help to me!  This first guy has helped me by always keeping me informed about the latest Chris Pohl news, and I must thank him for that: Markus!  Thanks for telling me things I never knew before and for all your help with anything that you've helped me with.  Now this last guy, I haven't really known until  just this year I believe.  He's great, funny, and mean.. he likes to pick on me so much, but that's fine!  He's just a great guy and someone, like everyone else that I've mentioned on here, that I'd like to meet!!  And this meanie is the one and only: Joseph, not Josef!  

So well, there's the few people that I'd really love to meet.  And I know there's a lot more!  Two are from Argentina and they go by: Nato and Lady Heather!  Lady Heather, that girl is just amazing and really nice.  I know, if I like talking to her, many other's would too!  And Nato.. wow, she is.. too cute, hehe^^  She's nice and she likes the dancing banana, like me!  Well, just everyone at Blutengel Argentina (and their forum)!  And then there's Mara and Javä.  Both girls, once again like everyone else, are just amazing!  Mara and I both have our own little stupid moments together which is always fun!  Hehe.  And Javä, I remember telling her things that I've never told others, up until now.  But she is always sweet to chat with.  I have my own little SuicideGirl.. I love this woman, she's just way too great, and nice!  And let's not forget, she lives in the city of LOVE, and this is: Claire!  And now, another lovely from France.. she's the webmistress of the Official Blutengel French site: Hécate!  Well, I can't forget this next person.  She's living in a country that is just right above the States, and that is my wonderfull Canadian friend: Laura!  Once again, another person that I haven't been friends with for awhile, but she's great.  She's someone that I truly care for.  This next woman, living in my neck of the woods, kinda, but not really.. she's living Florida, and also, she's a great photographer!  I've seen her work: Sonya - you are one of the best people I've met that's in America and also likes some of the same things I do!  

Ok, so once again, like I said, I know there's a lot more people that I'd like to meet!  And also that I would love to thank, but right now, this is all I've gotten so far.  So if you don't see your name on here, I'm sorry.. I either don't remember you at the moment, or I haven't spoken to you in awhile.  But of course, to any that I have forgotten, don't be too upset, you're still in my heart and mind and I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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